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Enjoy more powerful orgasms when you tone your pelvic floor muscles with this beautifully designed K..
Who doesn't want stronger, more frequent orgasms? Train your pleasure sensitivity with the Bfit Clas..
It was her little secret. She had started with the lightest kegel train-her almost two weeks ago and..
Ever since her best friend had told her how incredible (and so much stronger) her orgasms were since..
The Her Kegel Kit includes,Powerful multi-speed stimulator.  Perfectly weighted Silicone coated Kege..
The dilator set may restore and revive vaginal strength and comfort. It is a 5 piece kit for gradual..
The 3-piece Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit is designed with your comfort and pleasure in mind. The er..
Helps to tighten, strengthen and revive pelvic control with 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and..
To help strengthen and revitalize pelvic muscles this 3-piece Kegel training set is made out of sili..
Deeper, richer orgasms with the world's first progressive Kegel setWith three progressive weights – ..
The best 3 piece trainer set for women. The pubococcygeus PC muscle is the hammock like muscle that ..
Revitalize and strengthen love muscles with the unique 3-piece Mango Kegel Training Set. Give your p..
Revitalize and strengthen love muscles with the unique 6-piece Strawberry Kegel Training Set. Give y..
Your strength is your foundation!For women, strength isnt a choice. Its a way of life. Lovelife Krus..
Luxe O is the PC muscle training kit developed using the latest technologies in the field of human s..
Designed to help to relax the pelvic floor muscles and to support and maintain the width and depth o..
Primed and ready for your next pelvic floor workout, the Remote Dual Motor Kegel System is here to i..
A luxurious set of vibrating and non-vibrating kegel balls. This set contains a rechargeable kegel b..
May restore and revive vaginal strength and comfort.5-piece Silicone dilator set for gradual dilatio..


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